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Our Instructors

Meet Our

Instructor //

Nick Stone


Nick has been giving driving lessons since 2002.


His skills, patience and 12 years experience helped dozens of students gain the knowledge and confidence needed to drive safely on the road.


As everyone is different, Nick will adapt the course to suit your needs throughout your learning sessions.


Please check the reviews and read the comments made by ex-student as they describe their experience with Ace Driving School.

  • “Nick is a fantastic driving instructor!”

Stacey T.


  • “ Nick has to be one of the most patient, reliable and honest people I have ever met. He was able to bring me from my first lesson, with no driving experience or confidence at all, to passing my test with ZERO driving faults!!.”

   Alison H.


  • “Nick has alot of patience which is good when you're a mess because you messed up bay parking for the 10th time in a row!.  I highly recommend him to everyone because you won't find a better instructor ”

Leeanne C.


  • “Would recommend to anyone!”

Josh P.

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